Interviewing the employees 1


What's up?

tech talk

What is life at Google really like?

People who know first-hand

QA department

a technical lead

pretty interesting career path

    PhD   /   associate professor
    storage company

   different from previous experiences

    surrounded by bright and
    enthusiastic people

   frustrations in her previous jobs



The Googleplex is designed to make life for people not only as productive as possible but also as pleasant as possible

software engineer

an easy transition

the Bay Area - fantastic place

   mentoring program
   official / unofficial mentor

   exciting - working on a product
   millions of people use

   Gmail - Google mail


the famous 20 percent pool

a brainstorming session

a rotating globe

a feature

a movie

zip code

the list of theaters around that area, with show times, movie information and reviews

to further stimulate our minds we have an ongoing series of educational talks - tech talks

they range in topic from .... to the latest theories about the origin of the universe