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   awareness      burden      case      childcare      division      encourage      entirely      extended      flexibly      income      inequality      Lack      loss      mothers      number      outdated      prospects      prosperity      prosperous      request      role      skill      third      Unfortunately      valid      value      workforce   
lorely.jpg of flexible working lies at the very heart of economic between men and women. All too often parents, usually , are forced into low part-time work or to give up work , because of their child caring . This is a huge of talent and skill from the that directly damages the economic of this country. It reduces a woman’s , harms their future job and forces their partners to work longer and longer hours locking them both into gender roles. However, this doesn’t need to be the . If parents could work more , mothers would be able to work and care for their children and the on fathers would be reduced. If the father could work too, he could also play a far greater role in the , leading to a more equal of parental responsibility. The Liberal democrats want a new working culture where the of your contribution is what matters, not the of hours that you work. , we have a long way to go. At present parents only have the right to make a flexible working - a request that can only be turned down if your employer has a business case - if you have a child under the age of six. And even then over a of those parents don’t know about their rights at all. The Liberal Democrats want flexible working rights to all parents with children under the age of eighteen, with greater raised of those rights. We want to culture of flexible working in order to create a more equal and society for women and men.