Hated jobs - Jill Woods and Harry Bains

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Jill Woods

It can be hard because we often see people get very emotional. They can get angry and frustrated and I did once have someone who broke down and cried. Usually though, it's not personal, it's to do with the whole system. Of course I do feel sympathy for people, but in the end, my job is to just make sure that they end up paying the correct amount of tax.
Outside work I try to avoid telling people directly what I do because what usually happens is that they start telling you all their financial problems and I get quite enough of that already.
I suppose every job has its ups and downs, but I think possibly the worst moment in my career was early on, soon after I'd started in the office - I managed to mix up some demands for a number of quite large payments. One way or another they got sent to the wrong people and needless to say they were very upset. I felt like a real idiot. It took ages to sort out.

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Harry Bains

I had done various jobs, but these often involved working on my own. What I wanted was work where I could meet people, as that's what I really enjoy. I' m well over six feet tall and I was in the army for a while. As well as that I've always been keen on boxing and the martial arts - so that all helped me get into this line of work.
We're very strict about who we let in. Obviously that reduces the chance of trouble inside the club. Occasionally there are fights, but I hardly ever get physical except in self-defence. I will first of all call the police.
Without a doubt, it's the people that I like most about the job. I love seeing a lot of faces, both different and familiar. I work pretty hard, usually six evenings a week, for quite long hours, but I still have time for friends and family.

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