Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
Who arranges funerals?
Who makes sure that players obey the rules in games like football and rugby?
Who checks that people and companies have paid the right amount of taxes?
Who works at the door of clubs and discotheques and keeps troublemakers out?
Who fits and repairs pipes?
Who checks that cars and other vehicles are not parked in the wrong place and issue fines if they are?
Who collects fares from passengers on buses and trains?
Who takes money that people bet on races or competitions and pays the winners?
Who tries to improve bad social conditions and helps people in need?
Who performs medical operations?
Who empties rubbish bins in the street?
Who paints, draws or produces pieces of art?
Who is the chief cook in a restaurant?
Who works underground digging out mineral substances?
Who is paid to look after a large public building such as a school and is responsible for small repairs and cleaning?
Who buys and sells stocks and shares in companies?
Who is in charge of a newspaper or magazine?
Who treats sick and injured animals?
Who is an expert swimmer employed to rescue bathers in difficulty or danger?
Who collects evidence and information about people and crimes and is paid by an individual or private company?