Describing character and personality 1

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

1. Noam has strong opinions and doesn't change them easily, but if he realizes that some of his ideas are wrong, he changes his mind. So you can't say that he is , he is , but , too.
2. Catherine is very . She always tries to avoid dangerous activities. As a matter of fact, she thinks it's and to do risk sports like bungee jumping.
character1.jpg3. You can't tell a secret to Mark. He will give it away sooner or later. He is not .
4. Sally loves meeting new people and talks a lot. She is such a and person. She sometimes talks a bit too much, so my husband says that she is a .
5. George loves telling people what to do. He is so . Moreover, he behaves as if he's so much better and important than the rest of us. He's so and .
6. Joe and Jane were so when I told them that my brother had had an accident. They offered to take me to the hospital immediately. They are really very , too.
7. Michael finds it very hard to accept new ideas. He is so .
8. Peter gets angry very quickly and starts quarreling immediately. He's so .
9. Kathryn is always happy and smiling and always expects the best to happen. She's such a and person. I can't understand how she can live with John, who is angry and irritable whenever I see him. I've never met anyone as as him.
10. Harry is very with his colleagues. If they ask for his opinion, he gives it to them straight, even though they might not like it. So they think that he is .