Describing character and personality - Find-it exercise

Find the wrong words

Click on the wrong words in the text.
Then type in the correct solution into the text box.

1) Our teacher is very . If someone doesn't understand something, she spends time helping them get it.
boss.jpg2) John is so . He refuses to change his ideas and opinions and is not flexible or co-operative. And, of course, he's so , he loves telling people what to do. His wife, on the other hand, is such a person. She gets nervous around people, especially when meeting new people.
3) Mary's so , I can't remember the last time she did a day's work! But she's the most woman I know, she prefers to spend her money on other people rather than herself.
4) Stuart is so . He somehow has a lower opinion of his own abilities than he actually deserves. And he's so considerate, he really pays attention to the feelings of other people. He's quite , too. You can trick him so easily because he believes everything he's told.
5) Julia wants to be successful and powerful. Yes, she's very . She loves saying how good she is at everything - she's so . In addition, she's a real . She wants to know everything about other people's private lives.